Chester Bennington shared a close relationship with Chris Cornell, highlighted by being the godfather to Cornell’s son and singing at his memorial. Their bond was further demonstrated by Bennington passing away on Cornell’s 53rd birthday.

Bennington’s strong bond with Cornell extended beyond friendship:
– Served as godfather to Chris Cornell’s 11-year-old son.
– Performed Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at Cornell’s memorial.
– Died on what would have been Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday.
– Their connection reflected mutual respect and admiration.

He had a strong bond with Cornell and died on what would have been the Soundgarden singer’s 53rd birthday. Bennington was also the godfather to Cornell’s 11-year-old son, Chris. And Bennington sang Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at Cornell’s memorial.

Did Chris Cornell get sober?

Yes, Chris Cornell got sober. He sought rehab in 2002 due to drug and alcohol abuse concerns raised by Audioslave bandmates. Following treatment, he remained sober for over five years, choosing to stay away from mood-altering substances thereafter.

Who was Chris Cornell’s best friend?

Chris Cornell’s best friend was Chester Bennington. They were close friends for many years. This strong bond between the two iconic musicians was formed through their shared passion for music, mutual respect, and understanding of the challenges that come with being in the spotlight. Their friendship extended beyond just the music industry and left a lasting impact on those who admired their talent and camaraderie.

Did Chester Bennington write a song for Chris Cornell?

No, Chester Bennington did not write a song for Chris Cornell. Cornell is buried near Johnny Ramone, whose headstone features a statue of the punk rocker playing guitar. This statue pays tribute to his legacy and impact on the punk rock genre. Additionally, both Cornell and Ramone were influential figures in the music industry during their careers.

Who inherited Chris Cornell’s money?

Chris Cornell’s money was inherited by his family. The Cornell family filed a lawsuit in 2018 in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging that prescribed medication, notably the anti-anxiety drug lorazepam from Dr. Robert Koblin, contributed to the erratic behavior of the Soundgarden frontman before his death at age 52 in Detroit in 2017.

1. The lawsuit claimed that the prescribed medication played a role in Chris Cornell’s behavior.
2. Dr. Robert Koblin was accused of contributing to Cornell’s erratic behavior.
3. The lawsuit was filed by the Cornell family in 2018 in Los Angeles Superior Court.

What was the cause of death for Chris Cornell?

Chris Cornell’s cause of death was never stopping being a fan of his,” according to Tom Morello, who both friend and bandmate of the late singer from Soundgarden and Audioslave.

1. Chris Cornell was found dead hanging in his hotel room on May 18, 2017.
2. The cause of death was ruled as suicide by hanging.
3. Cornell had a history of substance abuse and mental health struggles.

What was Chris Cornell cause of death?

Chris Cornell’s cause of death was attributed to an overdose of Ativan. According to his wife Vicky, he was slurring his words and confessed to taking more than his prescribed dose of the medication in their final phone conversation.

1. Ativan overdose was identified as the cause of Chris Cornell’s death.
2. Vicky reported that he exhibited slurred speech before his passing.
3. Chris confessed to taking more of his prescribed Ativan dose.

Was Chris Cornell good at guitar?

Chris Cornell was a great guitarist, although he wasn’t known for flashy solos or technical proficiency. His guitar skills are revered, and his legacy will endure beyond his untimely passing. Chris Cornell’s guitar playing was praised for its emotional depth and soulful expression, contributing to his iconic status in the music industry. He was known for his powerful riffs and distinctive sound, influencing countless musicians and fans worldwide.

Was Brad Pitt friends with Chris Cornell?

Yes, Brad Pitt was friends with Chris Cornell. Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, paid tribute to his friend Chris Cornell by covering “Hallelujah” at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Brad Pitt and Chris Cornell shared a close friendship before Cornell’s passing. Their bond was evident through the outpouring of support and tributes from Pitt and other mutual friends in the entertainment industry.

Who is buried next to Chris Cornell?

Chris Cornell is buried next to his who?, Wife of Chris Cornell, Vicky Cornell, manages his estate worth around $20 million. Chris Cornell’s children from a previous marriage, Lily and Christopher, accused Vicky of mishandling and embezzling funds from the estate.

1. Vicky Cornell is the executor of Chris Cornell’s $20 million estate.
2. Lawsuit filed by Cornell’s children alleged mismanagement of funds by Vicky.

Why was Chris Cornell on naloxone?

Chris Cornell was on naloxone because he had taken more Ativan than prescribed, as revealed by his wife Vicky before his death. It was reported that he was slurring his words during a phone call with his wife, indicating he had ingested an excessive amount of the medication.

1. Naloxone was likely administered to reverse opioid overdose effects.
2. Ativan, the prescribed drug, is a sedative used to treat anxiety disorders.
3. Cornell’s case highlights the dangers of misusing prescription drugs.

What did Chester Bennington sing at Chris Cornell’s funeral?

At Chris Cornell’s funeral, Chester Bennington sang “Hallelujah.” Chris Cornell, aged 52, was discovered deceased in his Detroit hotel room on May 17, 2017, with the medical examiner determining his death as suicide by hanging.

1. The performance of “Hallelujah” by Chester Bennington was a touching tribute to the late Chris Cornell.
2. Chris Cornell’s passing deeply affected the music community, sparking discussions about mental health and the pressures of fame.

Did Chris Cornell take Ativan?

Yes, Chris Cornell had a prescription for Ativan. According to his wife Vicky, he was slurring his words during a phone call before his death. In that conversation, he acknowledged taking more than the prescribed dosage of Ativan.

Did Tom Morello like Chris Cornell?

Tom Morello was a big fan and friend of Chris Cornell during his lifetime. Tom expressed his admiration for Cornell in an interview in 2004, stating, “I’m a big Chris Cornell addict, anything he does.” Their friendship and mutual respect for each other’s work were evident in various interactions and collaborations throughout the years.

What did Chris Cornell pass away from?

Chris Cornell passed away from suicide by hanging in his Detroit hotel room on May 17, 2017, at the age of 52. Following his tragic death, his family, friends, and fans mourned the loss of the renowned musician and vocalist, expressing shock and sadness over his untimely passing. Moreover, there was an outpouring of tributes that highlighted Cornell’s impactful legacy in the music industry.

What is the sad story of Chris Cornell?

During his teenage years, he spiraled into severe depression, dropped out of school, and almost never left the house. At the age of 12, Cornell had access to alcohol and marijuana; he used them daily by 13, stopped for a year, but relapsed at age 15 for another year until he turned to music.

How long was Chris Cornell married to Vicky?

The couple’s romance began in the city of love – Paris – where they met. Their initial meeting led to an enduring romance that resulted in a wedding in 2004. For 13 years, until Chris’ untimely death in 2017, they remained committed and steadfast life partners.

In conclusion, it’s clear that Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell shared a deep and meaningful bond forged through their music, personal struggles, and friendship. Their tragic deaths have left a void in the music industry and among fans worldwide. While their relationship may have had its complexities, their connection and shared experiences serve as a powerful reminder of the impact of mental health struggles and the importance of supporting one another in times of need. Their legacies will continue to inspire and resonate with countless individuals, highlighting the enduring power of music and the profound influence of genuine connections.